100% Off Udemy Coupon Code 2020 Linux Web server High Availability Cluster Free Course: Configure Active – Passive Web Server High Availability clustering with Central Storage. In this course you will simply learn how to configure High Availability in Active – Passive mode. I will go through very basic of High Availability. You will understand what is High Availability, how does it works. Udemy free online courses with certificates.

In the module I also configure iSCSI Storage for central storage between two nodes. But you have to have basic understanding of iSCIS, and how to configure it. And finally we will configure and test Active-passive HA Cluster.

Free Course Content:

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Learn About:

  • Understanding of HA cluster concepts and how to manage different nodes, start/stop services
  • You will configure multiple node to work as cluster in Active – Passive mode.
  • You will learn to install, configure two node cluster and provide highly available Web service. You can configure HA for any service with same concept.
  • How to share same iSCSI storage to


  • Must have the knowledge of Linux Basic (RHCSA Level – Text Editor, lvm, iSCSI, service management, firewall )
  • Must have a Laptop/Desktop for Practice
  • Should know how to create Virtual Machine in VMWare / Oracle Virtual Box. As instructor will now show how to setup OS and network configuration.

2020 Linux Web server High Availability Cluster Free Course

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