100% Off Udemy Course Coupon Code Amazon AWS Certified Security Specialty certification Course Free: AWS CloudTrail is one of the most important security services offered by AWS. By default, the CloudTrail service is enabled when you create an AWS account, but it is enabled with limited functionality that may hinder your ability to investigate security incidents. For instance, there are three types of events – Management Events, Data Events, and Insights Events – and only one of them is enabled by default.

This course will help you understand the differences between these events and how CloudTrail records data in three ways, so you can make an informed decision about what you or your organization needs.

Become AWS Certified Security Specialty

AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam Introduction Course Free
Amazon AWS Certified Security Specialty certification Course Free

We will begin by covering the essential concepts related to CloudTrail. After that, we’ll dive into the practical aspect of things, where you’ll learn how to use CloudTrail’s Event History, create your first trail, enable notifications with CloudWatch and SNS, work with CloudTrail Insights, and use CloudTrail Lake.

Towards the end, we’ll discuss how to ensure the security of your CloudTrail trails and log files by following best practices such as using IAM, maintaining log file integrity, encryption, and adhering to the Security Hub Controls checklist.

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Learn About:

  • Learn what AWS CloudTrail is and why it’s essential for security and compliance in AWS environments
  • Learn how to collect, store, and analyze AWS CloudTrail logs
  • Learn the best practices for managing log data efficiently and securely with provided checklists and guidance
  • Discover how to use AWS CloudTrail logs to monitor for security threats and compliance violations
  • Explore how AWS CloudTrail integrates with other AWS services like CloudWatch Logs & SNS
  • Learn how to enable and use CloudTrail Insights to detect API


  • An AWS account
  • Ability to follow along in the terminal
  • Ability to install the AWS CLI


Amazon AWS Certified Security Specialty certification Course Free | AWS CloudTrail for Threat Detection

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