100% Off Udemy Course Coupon Code Augmented Reality in Depth 101 Course Free: Understand Augmented Reality in Depth, Various key tracking technology, and make 20 Apps from scratch using creativity. Udemy free online courses with certificates. This course is designed for students interested in creating Augmented Reality apps. Don’t worry if you never used Unity 3D or you are not familiar with Coding. Here you will be taught each and everything from scratch.

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Augmented Reality in Depth 101 Course Free
Augmented Reality in Depth 101 Course Free

Currently, this course is having 11 Sections full of the latest concepts and understandings. You will come across Articles, Quizzes, Various Resources,s, and downloadable files and assets. Also for those who are new to coding, one thing I must ensure you is that C# is a very creative language and it is very easy to understand plus when you will be installing Unity 3D, Visual Studio will also be installed which will make your life easier as it is very Programmer friendly Software.

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Learn About:

  • Understand different forms of Augmented Reality and their applications
  • Import Augmented Reality Software To Unity
  • Unity 3D fundamentals
  • Import & Animated 3D Models
  • Tracking of cylindrical objects and placing digital models surrounding the cylinder
  • Students will create AR apps by writing codes in the C# programming language
  • Export To IOS & Android
  • Use Image Targets With Extended Tracking
  • User-Defined Targets
  • Learn Foundation C# Programming Syntax
  • Build Your App To A Mobile Device / Tablet
  • Understand the basic difference between Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • Understand Mixed Reality
  • Difference between Holography and Photography
  • Placing a life-size Lamborghini car in real-world using Markerless tracking


  • A Windows or Mac Computer system
  • Android SmartPhone or an iPhone
  • Basic programming knowledge will be of great help
  • Most Importantly “An interest in Augmented Reality”

Augmented Reality in Depth 101 Course Free

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