100% Off Udemy Course Coupon Code Innovative Project-based Animated Linux Command Line Masterclass: Bash Shell Programming Data Mining Science. Udemy free online courses with certificates. This is the most beginner-friendly (animated and Linux terminal HD casts) Linux command line course on the Udemy platform. It is specifically designed to show you how to use the Linux commands and Bash shell programming to handle textual data which can be a CSV format data or systems log file. In this course, you will learn Bash by doing projects.

Learn Bash Shell Programming For Data Science Free with Udemy Course

Bash Shell Programming For Data Science Animation Course Free
Bash Shell Programming For Data Science Animation Course Free

However, you need to understand the fact that Bash may not the best way to handle all kinds of data! But there often comes a time when you are provided with a pure Bash environment, such as what you get in the common Linux based Super-computers and you just want an early result or view of the data before you drive into the real programming, using Python, R and SQL, SPSS, and so on. Expertise in these data-intensive languages also comes at the price of spending a lot of time on them.

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Learn About:

  • Use Bash to quickly sort, search, match, replace, clean, and optimize various aspect of a data set
  • Use bash in processing real-world data sets (included)
  • Use Bash commands and scripting
  • Use Regular Expressions (RegEX) in Bash
  • Use AWK programming language commands to tweak and format data
  • Use SED and GREP to quickly search in large-scale data sets


A Linux based operating system installed on your computer

Bash Shell Programming For Data Science Animation Course Free

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