Become Computer Forensic Expert Course Free: The best Computer Forensics course. From Beginner to Professional. Computer forensics experts are required in professional organizations and on the Govt level. But, there are few professionals tacking handsome salaries, the objective of this course is to create more professionals. Learn computer forensics from the beginning to the advanced topic.

How to Become Computer Forensic Expert Free with Udemy Courses

Become Computer Forensic Expert Course Free
Become Computer Forensic Expert Course Free

Build a successful career in Computer forensics by understanding the technical and business aspects of forensics. In this course, you will learn to acquire disk images, evidence extraction, and evidence management, maintaining the integrity of the data, analyzing the disk in Windows and Linux environments, and many other important topics. The course demonstrates the usage of the most advanced computer forensics tools, you will be using advanced technology while investigating a crime scene.

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Learn About:

Understand the process to handle a crime scene
Conduct computer forensics analysis to find the evidence
Maintain the integrity of the data and will able to perform hashing
Learn the process to acquire disk images and the process to analyze disks


  • You should already familiar with the Linux (Kali favorable) and Windows environment.
  • Ideally, you should understand the technical terms, network protocols, however the same has been discussed in the course.

Become Computer Forensic Expert Course Free

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