100% Off Udemy Course Free Coupon Code Building Apps with Kotlin Coroutines Online Course Free: Learning coroutines and building apps with them. All with Android MVVM Architecture, retrofit, live data, ViewModel. In this course we are going to start with what coroutines are, will look at all basic concepts like suspend, async / await structure, jobs, dispatchers.

Then we are going to continue with advanced topics like flows and channels. Finally, we are going to finish the course by building two Android applications matching industrial standards.

Learn Building Apps with Kotlin Free with Udemy Course

Building Apps with Kotlin Coroutines Online Course Free
Building Apps with Kotlin Coroutines Online Course Free

As Kotlin is gaining more and more popularity each passing day and Google also revealed Kotlin as their preferred language, I think that learning Kotlin is now essential especially for Android developers.

On the other hand, concurrent programming is being more and more essential as the applications get more complex. Udemy free online courses with certificates. Coroutines are the best way to handle Concurrency and knowing how to use them probably will give you a couple of steps of advantage. I hope I can help along the way.

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Learn About:

  • Fundamental concepts of Kotlin Coroutines and why they are needed
  • Jobs, dispatchers, suspend functions
  • Async / Await
  • Flows
  • Flow Operators
  • Stateflow and MutableStateFlow
  • Channels
  • Using Kotlin Result Type with Coroutines
  • Using Coroutines on Android Projects
  • Example Android projects with source code


  • Basic Kotlin knowledge

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Building Apps with Kotlin Coroutines Online Course Free

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