100% Off Udemy Course Free Coupon Code Customer Analytics in SPSS Online Course Free: Identify your best customers and increase the response rate, customer loyalty, and profits. Learn how to get insights from your customer data, understand your customers deeply and target the right customers with the right products. The SPSS program offers a comprehensive customer analytics tool – the Direct Marketing module. With this tool, you can conduct powerful analyses without being an expert in statistics and data analysis.

Learn Customer Analytics in SPSS Free with Udemy Course

Customer Analytics in SPSS Online Course Free
Customer Analytics in SPSS Online Course Free

The everyday interactions with your customer generate a high amount of valuable data. The customer marketing analysis is the best solution to transform these data into real knowledge. Udemy free online courses with certificates. The goal of this analysis is to get you a precise view of your customers, identify the most profitable groups of customers and send them the most appropriate marketing messages.

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Learn About:

  • Perform RFM analyses (recency, frequency, monetary value)
  • Perform complex market segmentation using an advanced clustering method
  • Generate profiles of the customers who responded to the past offers
  • Identify the top responding geographical areas (postal codes)
  • Estimate the contact probability of purchase and select the contacts with the greatest probabilities
  • Predict the probability of purchase for new customers


  • Basic SPSS knowledge (how to work with menus and commands, how to read an output)
    Basic marketing and direct marketing notions

Customer Analytics in SPSS Online Course Free

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