Cyber Security Basics – A Hands-on Approach Free EDX Online Course: Learn how to think like a hacker, but behave as a security expert. computer science course presents an introduction to cyber security showing different aspects of this discipline. You will learn what the main existing cyber security threats are and how to protect yourself against them.Cyber Security Basics edx online course.

Cyber Security Free EDX Online Course

The course presents a practical approach in which all required material will be provided to allow you to better understand attacks and establish appropriate countermeasures.Are you tired of hearing that your computer has a virus? Or that your email account has been hacked? Now, is the time for you to protect yourself by understanding the basics of cyber security.

This course covers all the main basic concepts on security. You will learn about cyber security, computer forensics, reverse engineering, malware, XSS, SQLi, etc… Don’t get confused: although this course is oriented for basic and fundamental topics on security, it has a lot of knowledge from security experts. Very practical course, not only theoretical.

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Learn About:

  • Cyber security landscape
  • Reverse engineering
  • Managing and monitoring network cyber security attacks
  • Computer forensics
  • Malware and advanced persistent threats
  • Vulnerability management and pentesting

Cyber Security Basics – A Hands-on Approach Free EDX Online Course

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