100% Off Udemy Coupon Code CyberCrime and its preventive measures Free Course- Mr. Rupesh Mittal: The most cybercrimes happening on the internet and around you. – Cyber Crime Awareness and Cyber Security with Cyber laws. Udemy free online courses with certificates. This course gives an overview of cybercrime, which deals with all the criminal activities done either in cyberspace or targeted at computer resources, computer networks, and the Internet.

This course further gives insights on various categories of cybercrime and further elaborates on the various new kinds and manifestations of interpersonal cybercrime and how cyberlaw frameworks are dealing with the same, across the world.

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Learn About:

  • Various Cyber Crimes
  • Tips for Cyber Safety
  • Cyber laws
  • Social media safety guidelines
  • Internet Safety
  • Measures for prevention from cyber crimes
  • Various crimes happening against women and children


  • All you will need is a browser! Which is easy since you are viewing this page within a browser! You can use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or whatever else you choose!
  • Any person who is interested in knowing about the intersection of cybercrime and cyber law can do the present course. There are no specific requirements or prerequisites for the present course.

Cybercrime and its preventive measures Free Course- Mr. Rupesh Mittal

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