100% Off Udemy Course Free Coupon Code Cybersecurity Awareness Training Online Course Free: Protect Against Social Engineering and Phishing Scams with Social Media Security Awareness Training. Even the best cybersecurity software can’t stop you from choosing a weak password, clicking a bad link, or installing a social networking app that snoops into your address book, calendar, or geodata.

Learn Cybersecurity Awareness Training Free with Udemy Course

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Online Course Free Udemy
Cybersecurity Awareness Training Online Course Free Udemy

And that’s not all. With cybercrime and corporate espionage on the rise, we’ve entered the age where even private digital correspondence should be created to withstand public scrutiny. This course teaches you how. The risks are everywhere. 11.5 million people are victims of identity fraud each year and that number is rising. And it takes 330 hours, on average, to repair the damage.

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Learn About:

How to choose a password that’s difficult to hack but easy to remember
Not all apps are mobile — manage the risks of installing third-party desktop apps in social networking accounts
How to use two-factor authentication on Facebook, Twitter, and Google


This course, created primarily for nontechnical users, makes complex information security best practices easy for anyone to appreciate and understand.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Online Course Free Udemy

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