100% Off Udemy Coupon Code Data Security Recovery and Storage Hacking for Newbies Free Course: Minimise risk, protect sensitive data, recover vital information and expand your storage to unlimited capacities. Udemy free online courses with certificates. Data Security is a mission-critical priority nowadays and has always been for IT teams in organizations of all sizes. As companies increasingly rely on Information Technology (IT) to collect, share, analyze and communicate, they will also have to minimize risk, protect sensitive data and adapt, in the process. One has to learn to secure data from attacks and simplify regulatory compliance and this is actually proving to be vital, day by day.

This incredible course will teach you concepts on Data Security, Data Recovery and Storage Hacking to the maximum. The concept of data recovery involves procedures to actually recover the deleted items – which is like magic. We will also look at tools from a theoretical and also practical perspective in all these areas, covering a special outlook on the concept of storage hacking.

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Learn About:

  • Theoretical Concepts of Data Security, Recovery and Storage Hacking
  • Practical Tools for implementation of Data Security, Recovery and Storage Hacking
  • Lessons on ensuring data security in organisations
  • Lessons on data recovery to recover lost data
  • Storage hacking techniques to increase the storage limit for devices through cloud-based storage


  • There are no technical skills needed to learn this course. However, several free and paid tools will be taught in the course.
  • You can opt for the cloud-based data or storage tools for a monthly or annual cost for usage.
  • Basic understanding of the IT industry will be a plus.

Data Security Recovery and Storage Hacking for Newbies Free Course

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