100% Off Udemy Coupon Code DIY Website for Beginners How to Start Your Business Online Free Course: Created for small business entrepreneurs with a DIY mindset. Udemy free online courses with certificates. Are you wanting to start a business? Of course, you need a website.

But how do you know where to start with a tight budget? Sign up for this course to learn from a self-made DIY entrepreneur who knows how to make things happen with 0 to little investment. I know how easy it is to just throw yourself right in and start building a website.

However, it’s not the method you should take. Learn from my mistakes as I’ve literally done my website more than 5X through trial and error. So take the shortcut and let me help you come up with a strategy that will help you be more deliberate about how your brand is represented online – with a few analytics tips included to keep your strategy going long-term.

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Learn About:

  • Choosing and buying a website domain
  • Creating optimized, engaging content with SEO in mind
  • Learn high-level design types and selecting which one is best for you
  • Meet the website builders and techniques to get your website up and running
  • Adding Google Analytics to your website to track performance
  • Easy Google Analytics techniques to help you optimize your website


  • None at all. You just need to be prepared to absorb a lot of information, but the beauty of the on-demand video content is you can go at your own pace.

DIY Website for Beginners How to Start Your Business Online Free Course

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