100% Off Udemy Coupon Code Ethical Hacking Masterclass Free Course Udemy: From Industry Leading Expert. This is the first lecture of this course. Now, in this lecture, I will try to give you a very overall idea about what ethical hacking exactly is, what are the scopes of an ethical hacker and towards the end, I shall give you some idea about the coverage of this course — what are the things we are expected to cover ok. So, the title of this lecture is Introduction to Ethical Hacking.

Ethical hacking is something different. Well, ethical hacking as per the definition if you just look at it, it essentially refers to locating the weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It means suppose you have a network, you have an organizational network, you have an IT, IT infrastructure, you have computers which contains some software, some data, lot of things are there. Now, you try a, I mean here you are trying to find out, whether your infrastructural network does have some weak points or vulnerabilities through which an actual hacker can break into your system, into your network.

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Denial of service is another very important kind of an attack which often plagues or affects systems or infrastructures. Well, here the idea is that one or a collection of computers or routers or whatever you can say, a collection of nodes in the network, they can flood a particular computer or host with enormous amount of network traffic. The idea is very simple, suppose I want to bring a particular server down, I will try to flood it with millions and millions of packets, junk packets, so that the server will spend all of its time filtering out those junk packets. So, whenever some legitimate requests are coming, valid packets are coming, they will find that the service time is exceedingly slow, exceedingly long, this is something which is called denial of service.

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  • Basic Concepts of Networking
  • TCP IP Protocol
  • IP addressing and Routing
  • Network based attack
  • Password Cracking
  • DNS and Email Security
  • and Much Much More


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