Google Chrome Extension Development Course Free: The only course you need to learn the basics of google chrome extension development and develop your own right away. New to Google Chrome Extension development? Awesome! If I could show you a way to develop yours in less than an hour without any knowledge, to begin with, would you be interested? If yes, this is the course right for you! The course is designed with respect to your time.

Learn Google Chrome Extension Development Free with Udemy Courses

Google Chrome Extension Development Course Free
Google Chrome Extension Development Course Free

This means that videos get to the point and deliver core knowledge that you can use straight away. The goal of this course is simple: teach you how to develop a chrome extension in the shortest amount of time.

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Learn About:

  • Core Fundamentals of Extension Development
  • Understanding of Chrome API and Listeners
  • Making HTTP Requests
  • Persisting Data In a Storage
  • Publishing Your Extension to Chrome Web Store
  • Scripts Communication
  • Internationalization – translate your extension!
  • A User Interface For Interacting With Extension


  • Basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript
  • Be ready to learn and develop your own

Google Chrome Extension Development Course Free

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