Insights into Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence Free Course: A basic introduction for non-technicians with a background or interest in criminal justice. This is a brief and basic introduction to cybercrime and electronic evidence aimed primarily at those criminal justice professionals who are not computer experts, but who find themselves confronted and confounded by the technological realities of our time. The course may also appeal to students and others who are just curious about the subject too.

The course introduces the main themes, threats, challenges, and conundrums posed by this most modern of crime phenomena and explores some of the solutions adopted by criminal justice to try to cope with them.

This is an introductory course and seeks to explain technical concepts in terms of every day, common experience. For this reason, some of the technical areas have been simplified and rationalized to make them more accessible and understandable by the uninitiated.

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Learn About:

  • By following this course, participants can expect to acquire a firm grasp and understanding of the nature and impact of cybercrime in today’s world.
  • Participants will know and appreciate the considerations, adjustments, and accommodations that traditional criminal justice systems must make in order to address the new challenges created by digital/electronic evidence.
  • Real-life examples will be given and some of the shortcomings in current approaches will be discussed.


  • An understanding of the principles of evidence will be helpful, but not essential – all technical concepts are explained and nothing more than a basic knowledge or understanding of computers is either required or expected.

Insights into Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence Free Course

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