100% Off Udemy Course Coupon Code Introduction to Microservices Course Free: A beginner’s guide to understanding Microservices. Microservices architecture provides a modern way of building highly scalable applications. Normally in building cloud-native applications microservices-based architecture is used. In this course, I have explained microservices in the simplest possible way. Udemy free online courses with certificates. We start with the explanation of traditional architecture such as Monolithic Architecture, then we discuss how it evolved from service-oriented architecture (SOA) to finally microservices architecture. We talk about the benefits and the challenges of these architectures.

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Introduction to Microservices Course Free
Introduction to Microservices Course Free

I have been working with zekeLabs as a corporate trainer for AWS, Azure, DevOps, Git, Chef, Docker. I had extensive experience in the software industry where I have worked as a senior developer and cloud and DevOps Consultant. As a developer, I worked with Cadence, Aricent Technology in the Telecom domain, and Guavus in the Big Data domain. I was in the 2007 batch of Computer Science graduates from NIT Allahabad. I am passionate about technology and education. I have shared my knowledge that gonna guide you to understand the core of Aws.

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  • This course provides a high-level understanding of microservices-based architecture. It explores how Microservices are different from other architectures like monolithic architecture and Service-oriented.


  • Understanding of software development

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Introduction to Microservices Course Free

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