100% Off Udemy Course Coupon Code IT fundamentals Udemy Course Free: Computer, programming, AI, and more. From this course, you will learn how a computer works. What applications does it have, in what way does it realizes them, and how is it built. I will present the computer as an abstract machine and as a physical machine. Udemy free online courses with certificates. You will learn how computers store and convert data. You will learn different number systems and conversions between them. You will understand why computers use zeros and ones to represent everything.

Learn IT fundamentals Free with Udemy Courses

IT fundamentals Udemy Course Free
IT fundamentals Udemy Course Free

I will explain what is the phenomenon of the growing power of computers, and how it affects minimization and miniaturization. You will learn the backstage of software development, you will see what a programmer’s work looks like. Finally, I am talking about artificial intelligence, which is a very mysterious field for many people. I also discuss the physical and logical limitations of computers, you will learn what computers are good at and not at and why not.

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Learn About:

  • what IT deals with
  • how computers store and process numbers, text, images, videos, and sound
  • what are programming languages, how do programmers think, how to build apps, and what
  • tools are used to do this
  • what is this mysterious artificial intelligence, how it is created these days, and how it look like
  • how a computer can master the game of chess in just a few hours without being explicitly programmed.
  • how AI can help in medicine
  • how computers learn to recognize objects instantly
  • even how to create self-driving cars


  • You should be open-minded and have the enthusiasm to learn
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics from high school will be helpful, but not necessary

IT fundamentals Udemy Course Free

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