100% Off Udemy Free Course Coupon CodeLearn ChatGPT Prompt and Use Cases Demo Free Course: You will learn ChatGPT basic and concrete use cases such as planning a family Disney trip and stock analysis. This more than 200-word course description is from ChatGPT! I use the better prompt technique from this course, and ChatGPT expands my short course description to less than 100 words into the following.

Learn ChatGPT Prompt and Use Cases Demo Free Course

Welcome to the course on ChatGPT! This course is designed for users with no technology background who are interested in understanding the basic concept of ChatGPT and how it can be used to improve their marketing strategy.

ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology that allows computers to understand and respond to human language. In this course, we will explore the basic concepts of ChatGPT and some of the important AIML terminology that you need to know to better understand how it works.

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Learn About:

  • ChatGPT basic and concrete prompt examples such as trip planning and skiing improvement
  • Three main roles in a ChatGPT conversation and four major functions in ChatGPT: summarize, infer, transform, and expand
  • Best practice(s) for creating a prompt and two gotcha(s)
  • A use case with Google sheet and ChatGPT for a stock analysis
  • A use case with ChatGPT for no filler word speech practice and getting instant feedback


  • Basic Computer Knowledge

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