100% Off Udemy Course Coupon Code Learn Ethical Hacking and Reverse Engineering Course Free: Fun way to learn Ethical Hacking & Reverse Engineering by hacking real practice websites & reversing CrackMe. Udemy free online courses with certificates. The website we will be hacking is DefendTheWeb which is a popular hacker’s playground where hackers play hacking games reminiscent of CTF (Capture the Flag) and learn at the same time. However, without some help and guidance, you will find it quite challenging. Hence this course. I will walk through each level from Basic to Realistic.

Learn Ethical Hacking Course Free From Udemy

Learn Ethical Hacking and Reverse Engineering Course Free
Learn Ethical Hacking and Reverse Engineering Course Free

These CrackMe’s typically have different levels from easy to advanced. By solving each level and gradually leveling up, you will learn reverse engineering (reversing). Traditionally, reverse engineering is taught by first learning C/C++, assembly language, and then debugging. Note that we do not crack software nor condone the act of cracking software.

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Learn About:

  • Web Hacking
  • Website defacement
  • Tampering Cookies
  • Hacking Admin Passwords
  • Hack Bank Accounts to Transfer Money
  • Stealing email mailing lists
  • Reversing Encryption
  • Tampering voting pages
  • Hacking website database
  • Tampering browser javascript to gain access
  • How to crack software serial number keys
  • Remove Nag Screen Reminders asking you to register
  • Convert Trial Software to Fully Functional Software
  • Extend 30-day Trial Period Software
  • Learn Reverse Engineering and Assembly Language
  • Browser Spoofing
  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • Port scanning
  • Log Injection Attacks
  • Computer Forensics
  • Hacking Captchas


  • Basic knowledge of HTML, Javascript, and SQL
  • Basic understanding of getting and POST requests
  • A PC, Linux not required
  • Basic knowledge in C, Assembly Language, and Win32 API would be helpful but not mandatory.

Learn Ethical Hacking and Reverse Engineering Course Free

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