Learn To Build Microservices Driven Apps Free Course Udemy: Learn to create microservice driven software in node. We are redesigning the way we create our apps, they need to be built and deployed quickly. We now require multiple teams working on multiple different apps, which is why a microservice architecture is so popular.

Microservices is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services, which makes it easier for small teams to develop, deploy and scale their respective services independently. This is why building a microservice-based architecture is a great skill to have on hand.

The course will cover some NodeJS related technologies such as ExpressJS, MongoDB, Mongoose and mLAB. We will use ExpressJS as the primary framework for building the project. MongDB will be preferred database, Mongoose will help in object modeling, and lastly mLAB will host our entire project.

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Learn About:

  • App development
  • Node
  • Learn to build a real world microservice driven application
  • Learn to use NodeJs, Express and MongoDB together
  • Learn to think about microservice design and implementation

Learn To Build Microservices Driven Apps Free Course [100% Off Udemy Free Course Coupons]

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