100% Off Udemy Coupon Code Learning Tor and the Dark Web Free Course: The dark web—a bastion of encrypted websites that can be visited and hosted anonymously—is home to criminals and privacy-minded citizens alike. In this course, learn about the social and technical underpinnings of the dark web, as well as how you can access and host websites that are hidden from prying eyes.

Dark Web Free Course

Instructor Mike Chapple provides some history on the dark web and the Tor Browser, the basic software needed to access the dark web and browse the internet anonymously. He then goes over the basics of encryption and shines a light on the technical aspects of the Tor network, as well as how to use it to browse the standard Internet anonymously. Plus, get briefed on the potential vulnerabilities that users of anonymized networks should watch out for.

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Learn About:

  • What is the dark web and who uses it?
  • Accessing the standard internet with the Tor Browser
  • The purpose of the Tor Browser
  • Safeguarding privacy on Tor
  • Cryptography and perfect forward secrecy
  • The role of hidden servers on the dark web
  • Installing the Tor Browser
  • Locating and accessing hidden websites
  • Vulnerabilities in Tor


  • Basic Of Internet

Learning Tor and the Dark Web Free Course – Udemy

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