Machine Learning and Block-chain with Microsoft Azure Free Course Udemy: Chat Bot, QnAMaker, LUIS, Facebookbot, Translate, Block-chain Workbench. This course is all about learning various Machine Learning and Block-chain Workbench on Microsoft AZURE cloud platform.

Machine learning and cloud computing are trending domains and also have lot of job opportunities, if you have interest in machine learning as well as cloud computing then this course for you.

This course will let you use your machine learning skills deploy in cloud. There are various cloud platform but only few are popular like Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix and GCP. Microsoft Azure a cloud platform where we will going to deploy machine learning skills.

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Learn About:

  • Learn the concepts of Blockchain
  • Learn to build smart contracts
  • Bitcoin: A cryptocurrency
  • Learn Azure Active Directory
  • Learn to use different types of cloud computing services
  • Echo Bot
  • Facebook Chat bot
  • Question and Answer Maker
  • Text Analytics


  • No prerequisites, but if you have basic idea of blockchain technology then it would be helpful.
  • You need to have a Microsoft Azure Account in order to use its services like blockchain
  • workbench. You can create free account.
  • You should have a Facebook business page.

Machine Learning and Blockchain with Microsoft Azure Free Course Udemy [100% Off Udemy Coupons]

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