Machine Learning Masterclass Free Course Udemy: Machine Learning Masterclass 3 Course in 1. 80 Hours HD. in this course we will have a quick introduction to machine learning and this will not be very deep in a mathematical sense but it will have some amount of mathematical trigger and what we will be doing in this course is covering different paradigms of machine learning and with special emphasis on classification and regression tasks and also will introduce you to various other machine learning paradigms.

Learn Machine Learning Free with Udemy Course

Machine Learning Masterclass Free Course Udemy
Machine Learning Masterclass Free Course Udemy

A brief introduction with emphasis on the brief right, so the rest of the course would be a more elongated introduction to machine learning right. So what is machine learning so I will start off with a canonical definition put out by Tom Mitchell in 97 and so a machine or an agent I deliberately leave the beginning undefined because you could also apply this to nonmachines like biological agents so an agent is said to learn from experience with respect to some class of tasks right and the performance measure P if the learner’s performance tasks in the class as measured by P improves with experience?

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Learn About:

  • Hypothesis Space and Inductive Bias
  • Evaluation and Cross-Validation
  • Linear Regression
  • Learning Decision Tree
  • Python Exercise on Decision Tree and Linear Regression


  • Beginners are Welcome

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