Make in House Hacking and Pentesting lab Free Course: How to Create your own hacking lab to learn ethical hacking. Build your “Hacking” lab on your own laptop computer to improve your skills. Why do you need a pentest lab? Simple! If you aspire to be a pentester or want to improve your skills, in-house pentest labs are one of the best ways to practice! This course is for the same that gives you hands-on knowledge about Building your own virtual penetration testing labs on a virtual machine for Penetration testing, Web application security analysis, Web app pen-testing, Network security.

Create Your Own Hacking Lab Free Course Udemy

It also gives you techniques for Firewall Evasion, IDS bypassing, WAF Evasion techniques. It best suites for people who are keen to make testing on their own and only one computer. it doesn’t require too much knowledge to set it up. Just you need to have an understanding of computer and basic computing skills to start with. This course is highly focused on practical from scratch to advanced level towards penetration testing on virtual machines.

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Learn About:

  • Start penetration testing with your single computer and build your own LAB
  • Start penetration testing for networks, computers, and web applications attacks practices
  • Everything will be in a self-controlled environment


  • Basic computing knowledge with internet
  • A computer with good internet connectivity
  • No much technical knowledge required

Make in House Hacking and Pentesting lab Free Course

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