100% Off Udemy Course Free Coupon Code Microsoft  Sentinel Hands on Training For Beginners Free Course. This Microsoft Sentinel Hands-on course is set up with a completely FREE Microsoft Lab training Lab Solution.  This course is designed for beginners to get you up and running with Azure Sentinel. The course covers everything from setting up the Azure Training Solutions Lab account to basic platform management with live demonstrations.

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Microsoft Sentinel Hands on Training For Beginners Free Course

Throughout this course, you will learn how to create and manage Microsoft Sentinel, including the creation of log analytics workspace. You will also explore how to work with incidents and workbooks and how to use the platform’s analytics rules and data connectors to detect and respond to potential threats.

The course also includes an overview of basic Cyber Security Overview,  entity behavior analytics, threat intelligence and management, playbooks, Scheduled Analytic Rules, Data, Connectors, Alerts, Anomaly Detection, Workspaces, Deployment, Microsoft Sentinel roles, and permissions.

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Learn About:

  • Set up working Sentinel Environment for FREE
  • Understand the properties of Analytics Rules and see how to create them
  • Understand and learn the basics of KQL (Kusto Query Language)
  • Understand the purpose of Workbooks
  • Learn about the importance of Threat Intelligence
  • Learn about Incident Management in Microsoft Sentinel
  • Discover different options for data ingestion
  • Discover how to use Microsoft Sentinel for threat-hunting
  • Understand privileges and role assignments for Sentinel
  • Learn how to set up your training lab to practice the concepts


  • Basic Programming knowledge
  • Basic understanding of application development & deployment

Microsoft Sentinel Hands on Training For Beginners Free Course – Azure Sentinel Security

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