100% Off Udemy Free Course Coupon Code Microsoft Azure Security For Beginners Free Course: This course covers powerful Azure security services including MSI, WAF, NSGs, ASGs, and App Service Environment. Public-covering operations are common targets for hackers and vicious druggies. Udemy premium courses for free. In this course, you’ll gain the capability to help these attacks by using Microsoft Azure’s important security services. First, you’ll learn to exclude sensitive service credentials from your app law by using Managed individualities( MSI). Udemy paid courses for free.

Learn Microsoft Azure Security For Beginners Free Course

Microsoft Azure Security For Beginners Free Course
Microsoft Azure Security For Beginners Free Course

Udemy free online courses with certificates. Next, you’ll discover how Network Security Groups( NSG) and operation Security Groups( ASG) are used to control inbound and outbound business for virtual networks and virtual machines. eventually, you’ll explore how to cover Azure app service deployments from common attacks similar to SQL injection and XSS by using Web operation Firewalls( WAF) and App Service surroundings( ASE). Udemy free course coupons. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the chops and knowledge of Azure security services demanded to cover your operations in Microsoft Azure.

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Learn About:

  • Managed Identities (MSI)
  • Network Security Groups (NSG)
  • Application Security Groups (ASG)
  • SSL/TLS Overview
  • Inbound and Outbound Traffic For Virtual Networks and Virtual Machines
  • Web Application Firewalls (WAF)
  • App Service Environments (ASE)
  • App Service Environments


  • Basic Computer Knowledge

Microsoft Azure Security For Beginners Free Course

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