Network Defense Essentials Free Course by Ec Council: Network Defense Essentials covers the fundamental concepts of information security and network defense. This introductory cybersecurity course is designed for individuals starting in information security or cybersecurity careers and is suitable for those aiming to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

The course provides a comprehensive overview of key components of information security, including Identification, Authentication, Authorization, Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Wireless Networks, Mobile and IoT Devices, and Data Security. The interactive labs in this course ensure that learners gain the hands-on, practical experience necessary for a future in cybersecurity.

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Learn About:

  • Network Security Fundamentals
  • Identification, Authentication, and Authorization
  • Network Security Controls: Administrative Controls
  • Network Security Controls: Physical Controls
  • Network Security Controls: Technical Controls
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Wireless Network Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • IoT Device Security
  • Cryptography and the Public Key Infrastructure
  • Data Security
  • Network Traffic Monitoring

Network Defense Essentials Free Course by Ec Council

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