Python 3.8 Object Oriented Programming – Homework + Answers Free Course: Learn object oriented programming concepts in Python 3.8. The course contains a lot of examples. In the course I am explaining in details basic concepts about object oriented programming. I am showing how can you use those concepts in Python. Python, in comparison to other programming languages ​​(Java, C #) has its own way of presenting certain object oriented programming concepts, which can be unusual for people who do not used Python before.

Python 3.8 Object Oriented Programming Free Programming Course udemy

Python 3.8 Object Oriented Programming- Knowledge of object oriented programming is necessary when applying for Junior Developer job. Therefore, at the end of the course I have prepared 10 interview questions that might appear during the recruitment process. Each question has an example answer.

In each chapter I am explaining the theory of a given topic with an example of implementation in Python. In addition, at the end of each chapter I have prepared a homework to test your knowledge.


  • Learn four concepts of object oriented programming
  • Understand why it is worth to use object oriented programming
  • Understand the difference between an object and a class
  • Learn about attributes and methods
  • Understand self and __init__ method
  • Private attributes in Python


  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • Installed Python 3.8 version or higher
  • Installed any IDE

Python 3.8 Object Oriented Programming – Homework + Answers Free Course

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