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Complete Python Challenges, Python MCQ and Python Recap in 2021
python programming interview questions

Python is a high-level programming language, strong, elegant, and easy to learn. Python is a modern programming language used in many tech sectors like the web, data science and

Python is Faster than the R programming language when used for data science. Python Has lots of libraries that facilitate its use for data analysis. Python is an Objective oriented programming Language so you can use objects when coding in Python.

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Learn About:

  • Learn Python coding easily and simply by doing, and practicing & challenging Exercises.
  • Apply your Python programming Skills & Knowledge.
  • Master Python programming Core Concepts in a simple way through challenging Exercices.
  • Learn how to use Jupyter Notebook and IPython.
  • Learn how to code in Python simply and easily by doing.
  • Apply what you will learn in Python by examples through exercises.


  • Python basic core concepts.
  • Computer & Internet.
  • Your enthusiasm to accept the challenge and solve the 100 Python MCQ questions & the 100 Python Exercises.
  • You are willing to become Python-ready.

python programming interview questions

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