100% Off Udemy Course Coupon Code Red Team Ethical Hacking Beginner Course Free: Tips for conducting Red Team Post-Exploitation tactics on a Windows Domain. Acquire the knowledge to become a Red Team operator on Windows Domains.

Learn Red Team Ethical Hacking Free with Udemy Course

Red Team Ethical Hacking Beginner Course Free
Red Team Ethical Hacking Beginner Course Free

Learn how to do basic Post-Exploitation tactics on Windows Domains such as enumeration, lateral movement, privilege escalation, persistence, and much more. Taught skills must only be used ethically for a professional red team or penetration testing job, or for general cyber awareness for better security practices.

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Learn About:

  • Learn the basics of Red Team Windows tactics
  • Learn basic Red Team Ethical Hacking topics
  • Advanced Windows commands
  • Hands-on Red Team tactics, techniques, and procedure (TTP) demos


  • Computer or Laptop capable of running virtual machines with access to the internet
  • Familiarity with Metasploit
  • Familiarity with Windows Domains

The RedTeam Blueprint – A Unique Guide To Ethical Hacking Free Course

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