100% Off Udemy Course Coupon Code Sales Analytics Beginners Complete Online Course Free: Sales & Productivity Analytics & Dashboarding Using Excel Complete Course. Udemy free online courses with certificates. Sales analytics comprises the analysis technologies and processes that measure, manage and analyze sales data. With sales analytics, your business can have a deeper understanding of the sales data you collect and what that data means. These insights can help sales teams understand and make more effective decisions about prospects and customers, product lines, market opportunities, and sales team performance.

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Sales Analytics Beginners Complete Online Course Free
Sales Analytics Beginners Complete Online Course Free

Sales analytics tools allow organizations to leverage their data to provide clear insight into sales pipelines, products, and staff performance. With these insights, you are better equipped to understand and manage risk, as well as deliver more accurate sales forecasts. By making data accessible and understandable, sales analytics make it easier for sales reps, managers, and leadership to prioritize the right sales activities at the right time, driving efficiency, revenue, and growth.

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Learn About:

  • Sales Analytics
  • Productivity Analytics
  • Database Creation
  • Formatting
  • Business Analysis
  • Zone State Productivity
  • Consolidation
  • Tenure and Age Group and CAGR
  • Growth Ratios and Scenario
  • Sales Employee Profile


  • Eager to learn how to create the dashboard for sales analytics

Sales Analytics Beginners Complete Online Course Free

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