Spring Boot Tricks Free Udemy Course: A course to learn the basics of Spring Boot with REST APIs – This course is designed for developers familiar with Java 8+, and want to become more familiar with REST API development using Spring Boot.

Learn Spring Boot Free with Udemy Course

Spring Boot Tricks Free Udemy Course
Spring Boot Tricks Free Udemy Course

Unlike some other courses, I am not a big believer in code-along, as it simply fills up time, but rather give a screencast and describe the code as seen, along with a Github link to the project at that stage, so that developers can be productive quickly and easily, and stay focused on the details at hand, rather than watching someone code, and fix their mistakes in real-time.

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  • Spring Boot REST API Tricks
  • Custom annotations
  • Request Mapping for getting and POST
  • Using repositories to communicate with a database
  • Path variables
  • MVC tests


  • Basic Java Programming

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