100% Off Udemy Coupon Code SQL Injection Attacks Full Guide 2020 Free Course: Learn hands-on how to perform and defend against one of the most devastating web attacks – SQL injections. Udemy free online courses with certificates. Welcome to this course on SQL injection attacks! In this course, we explore one of the biggest risks facing web applications today.

We start out by creating a safe and legal environment for us to perform attacks in. Then, we cover the core concepts of SQL and injections. After that, we learn SQL injection techniques with the help of cheat sheets and references. At that point, we start to gather information about our target in order to find weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities.

Learn About SQL Injection Hacking Attacks

After successfully attacking and compromising our targets, we take a step back and discuss defensive controls at the network, application, and database layers. We also look at actual vulnerable code and show ways of fixing that vulnerable code to prevent injections.

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Learn About:

  • See, in action, the power of SQL injections
  • You will attack applications legally & safely
  • Learn defense controls to protect your applications and databases from SQL injections
  • Perform SQL injections by hand and with automated tools
  • Learn about various SQL injection techniques
  • Look at vulnerable code and learn how to make it secure


  • Experience working with SQL
  • Experience working with web applications

SQL Injection Attacks Full Guide 2020 Free Course

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