The Complete PHP 7 Guide for Web Developers Free Course: Learn how to turbocharge your apps with the better PHP programming language, PHP7, in this online PHP tutorial.PHP is touted as the de facto language for server-side scripting in app development and even websites. Eduonix Free Course. The popularity of the language has also made it extremely useful as a general-purpose programming language.

The latest version gets a huge boost in terms of performance, speed, new scalar type declarations, and even a new operator. The performance and speed boost come from the new turbocharged Zend Engine 3, which also allows PHP7 to consume half as much as memory as PHP5 and support more component users at the same time.

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  • Learn about how PHP7 is a paradigm shift for web developers
  • Learn about the new changes and how they impact your old code
  • Unleash the power of PHP 7 in your new web projects
  • Hands-on examples of PHP7

The Complete PHP 7 Guide for Web Developers Free Course

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