The Cyber Security Course Free – Udemy: A beginner’s guide to learn Cyber Security. Learn the most essentials of Cyber Security. This course is a one-stop solution for beginners to start their journey in ethical hacking. Being a beginner you might be having a hyped image about ethical hacking as in something difficult to learn and master or you might be under the impression that you must be a good programmer to learn this skill.

This course would equip you with basic tools and skills of ethical hacking, then you can move on towards more advanced courses or explore on your own. Our tool kit, Hack Tricks would always come in handy whenever you would be learning or performing ethical hacking.

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Learn About:

  • Basics
  • Empirical Data
  • An APT Approach To Reconnaissance
  • Spear Social Engineering
  • Remote Targeting
  • Physical Infiltration


  • You just need to know how to use computers

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