Udemy Python on the Backend Course Free:Research python again end development, build a website or APIs in Python, designed for college students with Mac or windows. How approximately writing a website in Python, or an API so your fellow builders can eat in JSON over simple HTTP. With the growth of micro services and API, developers who’re used to operating with Python writing scripts can now take their understanding to the backend.

This route will educate you the basic of web servers, a way to setup the Python net server and write thrilling cool programs at the backend. By using the quit of the route you’ll be read to tackle the arena and write your very own offerings and APIs, examine and write from databases, do state-of-the-art load balancing in your Python services, paintings with Jupyter notebooks and much an awful lot more.


  • Build cool internet applications and APIs for other customers to consume
  • Learn how to serve a primary website with Python as the returned cease
  • Deploy, use and deploy Jupyter Notebooks
  • Discover ways to implement Load Balancing for your Backend Python services
  • Examine Backend Database programming with Python


  • Capable of recognize primary programming standards

Python on the Backend Udemy Course Free

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