100% Off Udemy Coupon Code Web Server Load Balance in Linux Free Course: Learn Nginx load balancing and configure HTTP Load Balancing in Linux (CentOS) for your web server and applications. In this course, you will learn about load balancing and how to configure HTTP load balancing. Udemy free online courses with certificates. Here you will understand what Load balance is, the types of load balance, different types of algorithms that can be used with Load balance. Finally, you will install load balance, install a web server, and configure the HTTP load balance for your web application.

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Learn About:

  • You will learn what is Load balancing and why you need this.
  • You will learn how to configure Web App Load Balance in Linux servers.
  • You will learn how to configure Nginx HTTP Load Balancing


  • Intermediate level of Linux knowledge.
  • Must have an understanding of Linux Web Server (HTTP & https) & it’s configurations.
  • [nginx/apache or any web server]
  • How web servers work.

Web Server Load Balance in Linux Free Course

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