C Programming Free Course – Pointers Explained – Udemy: Master pointers in only 2 Hours. This free course is part of a larger 12-Hour course that has a 4-hour section on Pointers and much more. Search Udemy for “C-Programming for Beginners – Solid Foundations”. This course demonstrates the basic concepts of the C programming language and its use in detail.

In contrast with most other C programming courses, here, we are not only focusing on the syntax of different statements but we are going in-depth, behind the scenes, and exploring how different statements operate. This is especially important when it comes to pointers and pointer manipulation as pointers directly interface with memory locations.

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C Programming Free Course - Pointers Explained - Udemy

This rigid foundation, in turn, will ensure that you deeply understand how the programming language operates in the background you will be less likely to make mistakes when programming yourself. A lot of additional support material is provided as part of the course, including all of the code that you see written on the screen and the slides presented.

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Learn About:

  • A comprehensive introduction to pointers
  • De-referencing a pointer
  • Passing by value vs Pass by reference
  • Pointers & Arrays
  • Debugging pointer applications


  • Understanding of programming in either C or C++

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