IOS App Testing in Swift, Xcode Free Course Udemy: iOS Unit Testing and UI Testing Course. Writing tests isn’t glamorous, but since tests keep your sparkling app from turning into a bug-ridden piece of junk, it’s necessary. If you are enrolling to this course, you already know you should write tests for your code and UI, but you may not know how.

Free Mobile Testing Tutorials Course

You may have a working app, but you want to test changes you’re making to extend the app. Maybe you already have tests written, but aren’t sure whether they’re the right tests. Or, you have started working on a new app and want to test as you go.

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Learn About:

  • Swift Testing
  • Unit Testing in Xcode
  • User Interface Testing in Xcode
  • Code Coverage
  • Testing your App
  • Real app testing


  • Basic Swift programming skills

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