100% Off Udemy Coupon Code Learn Web Scraping with Python from Scratch Free Course: Udemy free online courses with certificates. Python Web Scraping Tutorial. Use BeautifulSoup & Requests to scrape & crawl the Craigslist directory with Python. When the webpage structure is so complicated, making it difficult to extract specific pieces of data, or when you need to open so many pages to extract data from each of them, the manual process can become boring and time-wasting, and that is when automated Web Scraping can make the process more efficient and effective.

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Learn About:

  • Installing Python Web Scraping libraries, BeautifulSoup & Requests.
  • Extracting URLs from a webpage.
  • Scraping text data from a webpage.
  • Crawling multiple webpages and scraping data from each of them.
  • Handling navigation links and move to the next pages.
  • Saving scraped data into a CSV file with Pandas.
  • Overview of other popular web scraping frameworks.


  • Basic knowledge of Python programming

Learn Web Scraping with Python from Scratch Free Course

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