Protecting Yourself Online Advice From a Professional Hacker Free Course: Insider secrets from an Ethical Hacker. As an Internet Safety expert and professional hacker, I’ve been a witness to the good and dark side of the Internet. What is a gateway to connect socially and to learn has also become a haven for cyberbullies and predators intend on harming our children and taking advantage of our senior citizens. Protecting families has become my passion. Now, I’m offering an ongoing video series with up to date simple tips and tricks and “insider secrets” for protecting families who are increasingly online.

My videos will show you the Internet’s dark side many of our children are experiencing while online and connecting through social media sites. I’ll show you how to Google yourself, search out fake profiles, recognize changes in the behaviors of family members, how to block objectionable material, create unbreakable passwords – encouraging us all to assume a safety mindset toward the Internet.

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Learn About:

  • I will highlight some of the biggest online threats and show you how to find information on yourself that you didn’t know existed.
  • You’ll learn how to spot fake profiles
  • You’ll learn how to perform an advanced Google Search on yourself
  • You’ll learn how to check if your PC has already been hacked in 4 minutes
  • You’ll learn how viruses and malware can turn your life upside down
  • You’ll learn how to perform a proper in-depth Facebook privacy checkup


  • Students must have a computer and a Facebook account.

Protecting Yourself Online Advice From a Professional Hacker Free Course

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