Introduction of Network Security Free Course Communication networks are widely used to transfer valuable and confidential information for various purposes. However, this makes them a prime target for those who want to steal or misuse information or disrupt or destroy the systems that store or communicate it. This unit will cover some of the key issues in achieving an appropriate level of resilience against network attacks. Some attacks may be planned and targeted, while others may be opportunistic, resulting from eavesdropping activities.

Learn About Introduction of Network Security Free Course

Introduction of Network Security Free Course
Introduction of Network Security Free Course

Threats to network security are constantly evolving as vulnerabilities are discovered in both established and newly introduced systems. Thus, there is a need for effective solutions to counter those threats. Studying this unit should give you an understanding of the enduring principles of network security rather than a detailed description of current solutions.

The purpose of this unit is to describe the factors that affect the security of network and data communications and their implications for users. Its purpose is to introduce some basic types of security services and their components and to explain how these are implemented in networks.

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Learn About:

  • identify some of the factors driving the need for network security
  • identify and classify particular examples of attacks
  • define the terms vulnerability, threat, and attack
  • identify physical points of vulnerability in simple networks
  • compare and contrast symmetric and asymmetric encryption systems and their vulnerability to attack, and explain the characteristics of hybrid systems.

Introduction of Network Security Free Course

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